7 Essential Steps Rihanna Took to Become a Billionaire

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The Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, actress, fashion icon, philanthropist, and youngest self-made billionaire in America, Rihanna, born Robyn Rihanna Fenty, is one of the most recognizable names in the world. The entrepreneur, musician, and actress has millions of followers, 14 number-one songs, and ownership in a multibillion-dollar company.

celebrity-owned brand is not a new concept, but what set Rihanna’s business venture apart from other celebrity brands was her emphasis on inclusion. It was groundbreaking for a celebrity brand to focus on closing the gap in industries that have historically excluded many diverse consumers. It played a large part in launching her into billionaire status.

In the past, the call for greater visibility of people of color in the beauty industry and inclusion of all shapes and sizes in the fashion landscape went unheeded.

Putting inclusivity at the heart of her business, Rihanna revolutionarily reshaped the beauty and fashion realms when she launched Fenty Beauty in 2017. Now inclusivity is considered a widely successful business model and is no longer a trend in these spaces.

A part of the massive appeal of Fenty Beauty and Savage x Fenty is that they expose sensitive aspects of human existence while allowing consumers to embrace themselves without apology and own their flaws. By showcasing the physical diversity of the people they serve, Fenty products communicate a clear message: Everyone is welcome.

As the trailblazer of relatability and inclusive marketing, Rihanna shook up the beauty industry and transformed it. Here are some steps she took to build a billion-dollar empire.

1. Purpose

A business must establish a clear sense of purpose that will enable it to prioritize strategies that will serve and meet the needs of its consumers. Successful entrepreneurship requires a powerful “why” for your business. In turn, you develop purpose-driven company values that keep your customers loyal by meeting their desires and employees engaged by seeing their work make a positive impact. You foster more innovative solutions to your specific industry’s needs and consumer problems.

2. Niche

Brands that successfully identify and serve a niche market of consumers offer them products they cannot find anywhere else and create an experience that makes the buyer want to come back.

3. Thinking outside of the box

Be open-minded. Keep a rational perspective, but don’t let it stifle creativity, innovation, and originality. Regardless of previous attempts by other companies, remain open to new ideas and methods. Market changes, the customer wants, and how your business approaches its market racially should all be taken into account.

4. Inclusivity

Inclusion can be a defining factor in your business’s success. Incorporating underserved and underrepresented customers into your brand and creating a sense of community allows customers to feel a part of it. The ability to connect with your customers, as well as help them find themselves within your brand, will help you create lifelong customers.

5. Raising the bar, and delivering quality

Strive to raise industry standards. Customer expectations are higher than ever, especially right now when everything is readily available with a click of a button. Business success depends on constantly delivering quality products and services to customers and exploring innovative methods to improve their experiences. As a result, your business will remain relevant to existing customers and attract new ones.

6. Details

Attention to detail is so important. In the same way that the back-end details of your business are crucial to your business’s success, so are the details of your business that make a lasting impression on customers. By personalizing each step of the shopping experience, you stand out from your competitors. Everything tells a story to your customers, whether it is branding or the packaging used to deliver your products. Customer loyalty has increased by creating distinct and individual experiences.

7. Rallying your base

Increase your customer support. What positive aspects do people associate with your brand? Expand on them. All these avenues provide opportunities for connecting with and enthusing your customers, whether it is product giveaways, creative content, contests, sales, discounts, community outreach, and more. Consumers who are loyal to a brand can identify with it when it stands for something they value. When consumers become invested in the brand’s purpose, they will be advocators and rally around it.

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