The Joint Advisory Board of NACC, AAICC and HAICC

Congratulations on accepting the invitation to become a member of the New American Chamber of Commerce (NACC), the African American International Chamber of Commerce (AAICC), and the Hispanic American International Chamber of Commerce (HAICC) Advisory Board. The Board is a compilation of business owners, professionals, Chamber Coalition Presidents, leaders of not-for-profits and individuals, primarily of immigrant, African American, and Latin American descent. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to forge business relationships between businesses in Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America with companies in New York in particular and the United States in general through joint ventures, distributorships, business-to-business matchmaking programs, and business to lender matchmaking programs. Familiarize yourself with the events section.

The Board will meet at our annual Diversity Procurement Conference, Multicultural International Business Expo, and Green Business Summit. Optional, the Advisory Board Members can meet at International Conferences with international partners. At all conferences, there is an option to attend by telephone or video conference. All conference-related documents will be shared through the mycommittee website. The Chairman of the Advisory Board will coordinate these meetings.

The benefits of Advisory Board Membership are:

1. Free attendance at all chamber events

2. Free attendance at all conferences

3. Discounted rates as an exhibitor

4. Free website link on chamber’s website

5. General Membership Benefits (See Membership Page)

6. Free Small Business Solutions Consultations

To be considered for membership to the Advisory Board, submit:

1. Cover Letter Explaining:
a. What can you contribute to the Chamber. 
b. The committee(s) you would like to be a member (limit 2).
c. The conference committee you would like to sit on.
d. Understanding that you are committed to participating in all three conferences and attending Advisor Board Meetings.
e. Joining the Chamber at the Small Business Plus Level.

2. Your Long Form Resume

3. Foreign nationals are responsible for their visa processing at their foreign consulate to enter the United States. The Chamber will provide proof of membership for accepted members. This does not guarantee visa approval.

To complete the process, please submit the above information to After our approval, we will then send an Advisory Board package to you via email with membership registration instructions.

The Chambers have instituted several Committees, which are open to all Chambers within our growing Coalition. Committees serve to bring together members who work in the same industry sector in a noncompetitive environment to network, educate, and stay up to date on significant developments in their respective business sectors. As a Committee member, you will meet other Chamber members in your field, work to organize programs and events, and in some cases act as advisors for this area of business for the Chamber.You must be a Chamber Member to join a committee.

The Chamber Presidents approve committee membership of the Coalition. All Committee Chairpersons are Coalition Chamber Presidents. The President and Secretary are elected from Committee Members. Below is a list of the Committees.


• Government Affairs

• Women

• Design, Construction & Housing 

• Health Care

• International Trade & Global Business

Green Business & Energy


Technology & Social Media

• Food, Beverage & Restaurant

• Entertainment, Arts & Sports

• Media & Advertising

• Youth Initiative

• Faith-Based 

• Non-Profits

• Real Estate

Again, congratulations on accepting the invitation to become a member of the Joint Advisory Board of NACC, AAICC, and HAICC. Please submit your acceptance of this information to along with a copy of your recent resume to complete the process. We will then send an Advisory Board package to you via email.

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