Cannabis Processing – 6 Course Bundle (Self-Paced)

Cannabis Processing – 6 Course Bundle (Self-Paced)

Course Description

Mechanical Extraction w/ Instructor Lisa Zwirner

With solventless extraction training, you can produce cannabinoid and terpene rich products within the comfort of your own home. In this course, you will learn solventless methods to extract the purest THC. Dry sifting, Full Melt Bubble Hash and Rosin Techniques are included in this course.

• Dry Sifting Cannabis

• IWE (Ice Water Extractions) Bubble Hash

• Rosin Pressing

• THC Mechanical Isolation

C02 Extraction w/ Nick Halkides

With more consumers turning to cannabis concentrates, C02 extractions are one of the top choices of manufacturers. From supercritical CO2 extraction to developing full spectrum extracts, learn about the processes that are shaping legal cannabis products. This course will review thermal dynamics and transport properties with C02 and the step-by-step extraction process.

• Super Critical Fluid (SCF) Overview

• Thermal Dynamics

• C02 Extraction Process

Ethanol/Hydrocarbon Extractions w/ Nick Halkides

Ethanol and Hydrocarbon extractions are widely used for a variety of concentrate products on the market, due to the high yield capacity. This course covers Ethanol and Hydrocarbon extraction equipment, extraction procedures, safety standards and solvent recovery.

• Defining Ethanol

• Ethanol Extraction Process

• Hydrocarbon Extractions

Glandular Trichome Science w/ Lisa Zwirner

The glandular trichome head is the mini factory for all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids the cannabis plant has to offer. Harvesting cannabis is mostly determined by the maturity of the trichome. This course will guide you through defining a glandular trichome head, the location of the trichome head on the plant, the production of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, the anatomy of the trichome, maturity levels, and the different types of glandular trichome heads that the cannabis plant produces.

• Definitions

• Types of Trichomes/Anatomy

• Trichome Maturation

Cannabis Post-Processing w/ Nick Halkides

This course will examine all processing and refinement methods of cannabis. The curriculum reviews the concepts of nucleation, winterization, fractional distillation, isolation, hydrodynamic extractions and sonication.

• Solventless Post-Processing and Winterization

• Cannabis Distillation

• Nano-Emulsions, Sonication, Nucleation & Hydrodynamic Extraction

Cooking with Cannabis w/ Chef Linda Berry

Come into the Cannahub Kitchen and get first-hand knowledge of becoming a successful cannabis gourmet cook.  Taught by a successful cannabis chef.  You will get step-by-step instructions on these topics:

• Dosing

• Decarboxylation Methods

• Flower & Concentrate Infusions

• Tincture Recipes

• Meal pairings

Pricing and Extras

• Price: $1100.00 
• Skill Level: Any Level
• Lectures: 21
• Extras: Videos, Podcasts, Closed Captioning, Lecture Transcriptions, Interactive Activities & Assessments
• Language: English 

Course Pricing and Duration

Course Pricing and Duration

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