Cultivation Training – 5 Course Bundle (Self-Paced)

Cultivation Training – 5 Course Bundle (Self-Paced)

Course Description

Basics of Horticulture 101 w/ Meredith Hundley

This course helps establish a foundational knowledge of soil science, and sustainable organic horticulture

• Soil Science

• Bacteria & Fungi

• Organisms in the soil network

• Plant nutrition & Plant Anatomy

Intro to Cannabis Cultivation w/ Lindsay Shupert

This program is designed to provide individuals the foundation they need to know to grow medical-grade cannabis. The program uses text, video, to support the lectures. This program is designed in a way that can benefit novice and experienced cannabis growers.

Glandular Trichome Science w/ Lisa Zwirner

The glandular trichome head is the mini factory for all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids the cannabis plant has to offer. Harvesting cannabis is mostly determined by the maturity of the trichome. This course will guide you through defining a glandular trichome head, the location of the trichome head on the plant, the production of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, the anatomy of the trichome, maturity levels, and the different types of glandular trichome heads that the cannabis plant produces.

• Definitions

• Types of Trichomes/Anatomy

• Trichome Maturation

Grow Environments Outcomes w/ Zachary Simcoe

Losing control of your growing environment can have devastating consequences on your plants. This course will review the proper techniques and guidelines for the ideal grow environment and how to diagnose deficiencies that may develop from environmental unbalance.

• Grow Room Guidelines

• Filtration and Ventilation

• Heat and C02

• Humidity

Cannabis Pest Remediation w/ Zachary Simcoe

Many pests affect cannabis production facilities and pest remediation skills are necessary to manage in indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor environment. Growers can use various strategies to avoid and control pests, including cultural, physical, biological, and chemical tactics. In this course you will learn the major steps to develop your own IPM plan (Integrated Pest Management). Monitoring, prevention techniques and identification will be reviewed, which will enhance the productivity of your plants.

• Weapons of War

• Pests and Pathogens

• IPM & Infestation Prevention

Pricing and Extras

• Price: $1000.00
• Skill Level: Any Level
• Lectures: 17
• Extras: Videos, Podcasts, Closed Captioning, Lecture Transcriptions, Interactive Activities & Assessments
• Language: English 

Course Pricing and Duration

Course Pricing and Duration

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