Delegation Visits

The Chamber is dedicated to advancing positive relations and foster meaningful collaboration between the international community and New York. The Chamber Coalition is committed to sharing New York City’s policies and best practices globally, as well as responding to requests from foreign governments and investment conglomerates.

The Chamber Coalition offers services in the form of Delegation Visits targeted at facilitating market entry of African, Latin American and Caribbean countries into the U.S. market. During the Delegation Visits, which will be project-focused, representatives will have the opportunity to meet U.S. industry, economic, political, and trade experts.

Additionally, the Chamber Coalition works closely with the Mayor’s Office for International Affairs. Through our relationship, we can help to arrange meetings with New York City officials for visiting delegations of foreign government officials – at the local and federal levels. If you are handling the visit of a foreign government official and would like to request a meeting with a NYC agency, please complete the Delegation Request Form. Kindly note that the Chamber Coalition requires at least 6-weeks’ notice.

Delegation Request Form

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