International Trade & Global Business

The Chamber Coalition in New York has successfully promoted International Trade & Global Business for almost a decade. We have established ourselves as a modern service provider and a reliable partner to international businesses during this time. The Chamber advises companies in bilateral business development in the United States and throughout the Caribbean, Africa, and Latin America.

Our highly qualified chamber team will assist your international business to successfully enter the United States market through the strategic partnerships that we have developed:

• Startup Relations, Market Entry, and Business Development

• International Legal Services

• H2-B Program for Member Businesses that need unskilled workers internationally

U.S Telephone Calling Service for Local and International Businesses

• Hispanic and Other Niche Marketing

International Trade Administration

The International Trade Administration (ITA) strengthens the competitiveness of U.S. industry, promotes trade and invest- ment, and ensures fair trade through the rigorous enforcement of our trade laws and agreements. ITA works to improve the global business environment and helps U.S. organizations compete at home and abroad.

Export Solutions

Your essential international business toolkit of practical exporting advice and business tools developed for you by our trade professionals.

Data Analysis

Get the latest data and reports produced by ITA’s team of trade specialists.

Running Into Problems?

Are you encountering a trade barrier in a foreign market?
We can help!

Virtual Services

Take advantage of our virtual services.

As an introduction, listed below are the standard services that an International Trade & Global Business Law Firm can and should provide to international businesses that wish to do business in the United States. Here are some of the services that our partner, the Law Firm of Figeroux & Associates, offers that you should be aware of:

Company Certificates

Unlike the comprehensive company registration in other countries, there is, in principle, no system of company registration in the United States. The individual states, however, issue several certificates regarding incorporated companies, including the Articles of Incorporation and the Certificate of Good Standing, thereby allowing potential business partners to verify company details. The Certificate of Good Standing can be used as proof that a company has been incorporated at a certain date according to the provisions of a certain state. It has been registered with the proper authorities and has regularly paid its due franchise tax.

Collection Service

Figeroux & Associates can successfully help International companies collect outstanding payments in the U.S. and assist U.S. companies with claims internationally. You should visit the debt collection department of Figeroux & Associates.

For a legal charge, the amount of which depends on the claim’s amount, Figeroux & Associates sends out reminders, negotiates with the debtor or his attorney, and assists the creditor, if necessary, through a bankruptcy petition.

Figeroux & Associates Collection Service offers:

• Correspondence with the creditor

• Correspondence with the debtor

• Negotiations with the debtor: agreements on installment plans and settlements

• Assistance to the creditor in the event of Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy procedures (filing of a proof of claims, requests at the bankruptcy court for updates on the current development of the case)

Incorporation Services

Figeroux & Associates assists international companies with incorporating branches and subsidiaries in the United States. Incorporating a company in the U.S. encompasses many legal and business questions and poses a challenge even to experienced entrepreneurs. Yet, expanding into new markets abroad creates exciting opportunities.

Experience shows that companies selling goods and services through branches and subsidiaries in the U.S. are more successful in establishing a market presence in the highly competitive U.S. market than those simply exporting goods and services via independent importers or agents/representatives. To visit Figeroux & Associates Incorporation Services, click here.

American consumers and business partners associate a U.S.-based company with the quality and reliability of both the goods and services and business experience. By registering a branch or subsidiary in the U.S., international companies can build trust in their goods and services and enhance their brand image.

Thorough preparation and careful consideration are mandatory for successful incorporation. Failures are usually not grounded in the business idea itself but insufficient information and preparation. To avoid those pitfalls, we can help you choose the appropriate company type and the registration process with the U.S. authorities. We can also advise you on all visa-related, employment, or other legal issues connected with the incorporation.

U.S. FDA Agent Service

Figeroux & Associates and our Chamber in New York act as U.S. agents for international companies with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 (Bioterrorism Act/BTA) requires all domestic and foreign food facilities that manufacture/process, pack, or hold food for human or animal consumption in the United States to register with the FDA. This requirement also applies to companies that export medical devices, cosmetics, and drugs to the U.S.

For registration purposes, a foreign facility must designate a U.S. Agent who has a permanent physical presence in the United States. Therefore, our Chamber in New York provides a U.S. FDA Agent Service for international companies.

Our Service

Meeting your American business partners and clients in person is the perfect starting point for a trusting and successful cooperation. To guarantee a thorough understanding between meeting partners, duly reflecting the interests of both sides, our bilingual employees of Figeroux & Associates will accompany you to your appointments:

• Business partners


• Public authorities

• Banks

• Attorneys at law

• Tax accountants

• Brokers, etc.

Mediation – An Alternative to Litigation

Business often involves conflict but also allows different possibilities of conflict resolution. Besides legal proceedings held in a state court, business mediation is an excellent way to efficiently settle disputes between business partners, clients, or employees. It is also cost-effective and can uphold a positive company image.

Mediation proceedings can be conducted at any stage of a conflict, even if court proceedings are already pending. During mediation, with the support of a neutral third party (the mediator), conflicting parties voluntarily attempt to find an amicable resolution to a conflict. Mediation allows both parties to resolve a dispute quickly and to get back to business.

Our Mediation Service

Figeroux & Associates, admitted as attorneys in New York State can support you as a mediator in your efforts to reach an out-of-court settlement.

Your Advantages at a Glance

Time & cost-saving: Compared to lengthy and costly court proceedings in the U.S., mediation service is a time and cost-saving alternative. Aside from a basic fee determined by the amount in dispute, the mediator’s remuneration is incurred in a successful outcome of the mediation proceedings.

Future-oriented & image-saving: Compared to lengthy and costly court proceedings in the U.S., mediation service is a time and cost-saving alternative. Aside from a basic fee determined by the amount in dispute, the mediator’s remuneration is incurred in a successful outcome of the mediation proceedings.

Self-determined & confidential: You determine the beginning and the conclusion of the mediation proceedings and content and outcome. Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.

Knowledge & experience: You benefit from our expertise and the many years of experience in the American and international business and negotiations culture, eliminating uncertainties and misunderstandings, which are often the cause of conflicts. For a free mediation consultation, click here.

Small Business Solutions & International Legal Services

Legal, Tax, and Accounting issues can make or break your business. Every country and every state in the U.S. have their own rules particular to their jurisdiction. Our Small Business Solutions and International Legal Services partnership will help your business keep on the right track.

Please visit the Law Firm of Figeroux & Associates, our Chamber partner, by clicking here. Figeroux & Associates is a boutique international law firm that provides guidance and advice to small businesses in various industries, from startup; including International Business Planning, Joint Ventures; Incorporating and Establishing Liability Company or Corporation, Buying a Business, Registering Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents, Commercial Leasing, Financing & Funding EB5/E2, Marketing/Website Compliance, to Operation Licensing Agreements, Distributorship Agreements, Employer Compliance, Sales and Service Agreements and business exit strategies (Business Sale, Merger or other Disposition).

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