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New American Chamber of Commerce (NACC) Career Services will soon launch an internship exchange program for the United States and will apply to be an official Department of State designated J-1 visa sponsor organization, issuing the form DS-2019.

The Chamber’s internship program will promote the placement of students and young professional trainees from abroad with companies located throughout the U.S. These trainees are highly-qualified English-speakers who are available to actively train with a host-company for up to 18 months, when sponsored by the NACC J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa program. Please apply online, click here

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Internship Program USA

The Chamber Coalition’s Recruitment Services Team receives many inquiries from university students and young professionals abroad who are interested in training in the U.S.

All trainees are motivated, highly qualified English-speaking individuals who wish to gain practical work experience, while sharing their talents and cultural background with their American host-companies. Likewise, many companies in the U.S. have benefitted by hosting international trainees and continue to contact us about hosting new trainees through our Internship Program. To advertise your internship training position, you must be a Chamber member. Click here

The procedure for the placement of applicants is as follows:
Applications are kept in our database, CHAMBERTRAIN and taken into consideration for all incoming training program offers. Applicants who appear to be qualified for a position according to their educational background and qualifications are contacted by NACC. A pre-selection process is carried out by telephone interviews and then top-candidates are presented to the host company, which makes the final decision. 

Once a selection has been made the Chamber Coalition takes responsibility for all preparatory work necessary to ensure the smooth and efficient integration of the trainee into his/her new training environment. This involves the procurement of a J-1 visa as well as the necessary health/accident insurance for the trainee. 

Once a successful placement has occurred, Chamber Coalition requires a placement fee. The fee ranges from $995 to $2465 depending on the status of the trainee as well as the length of training. Fee determination is made once the Chamber Coalition has received an application. 

For participation in the Internship Program the following points should be considered:

Trainees must have completed vocational training or be students or recent graduates with a foreign student background in a field related to the training program.

• Trainees must be able to communicate fluently in English.

• Training program offers are mainly within the areas of business, science and engineering.

If you meet all listed criteria, please apply with our online database, Chamber Coalition. Once you are registered on our CHAMBERTRAIN database, we can then assist you in your job search.  After you register with us, your data will be saved in our database CHAMBERTRAIN. We will contact you as soon as we find a suitable match.  If you are interested in one of our published jobs, click here.  Your provided information will be held strictly confidential. We will only forward your personal data with your approval. 

Find the Right Internship

Landing an internship in college can help set you up for immediate success in the job market once you earn your degree. That’s a fact. 

Only 30.7 percent of graduating seniors without internship experience received a job offer after graduation compared to 42.3 percent among those with internships, according to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. The research also found that interns got higher salary offers. 

If your university has an internship program, you should be taking advantage of it. Besides the aforementioned benefits, a solid internship sharpens your understanding of your target industry and helps you form positive working relationships with professionals already established in the field. 

Keep an open mind when it comes to accepting an internship, and be ready to commit your summer months to it. Doing so will help put you ahead of the game. 

Challenge Yourself

One trap many new professionals fall into is taking internships based on convenience. Maybe the office is nearby. Maybe the hours are flexible and the workload light. This is the wrong approach if you’re looking to set yourself up for future success. 

Internships should be interesting and challenging. They should require heavy collaboration and your involvement in major company projects. This type of work experience is invaluable in preparing you for your first real gig. By the time you are hired, you’ll look back on your internship experience as highly instrumental. 

Prepare Financially 

While internships are ideal if there is monetary compensation involved, that’s not always the case. Working in a great environment that opens new doors for you may be worth it, even if you’re not getting paid. 

If your dream company is offering an unpaid internship, think of ways you’ll be able to supplement your income during the summer. Consider some weekend work or ask your parents for a loan to float you through the duration of the internship. 

Preparing yourself for working without pay may be difficult, but you could reap the rewards by earning relevant experience and forging invaluable relationships with the right professionals.

Chamber Internship Program

The Chamber Coalition Internship Program is intended to bring the organizations and businesses of New York talented candidates for internships. 

Through this program, the Chamber Coalition will serve as a facilitator: a center that will enable participants to draw from the deep talent pool of New York’s colleges, universities and trade schools. Success depends on building effective relationships with students and employers, and providing structure for both groups.

If you are interested in learning more about the program or would like to submit an internship to be filled, please send an email to with “Internship” in the subject line.

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