Biography of Chamber’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Brian Figeroux is an attorney, writer, internationally renowned Business Lawyer, International Trade & Global Business, Civil Rights & Immigration strategist, professor, publisher, and radio host. His diverse knowledge, talents, and vast experience combined with his humor and story-telling abilities deliver compelling keynotes on topics such as business, organizational execution, trade, leadership, workplace policies, law, and relationship management.

Through Mr. Figeroux’s leadership and his emphasis on execution, the discipline of getting things done, we established various 501 (c)(3) and 501 (c)(6) non-profits. Non-profits such as the New American Chamber of Commerce (NACC), the African American International Chamber of Commerce (AAICC), and the Hispanic-American International Chamber of Commerce (HAICC). These three chambers are forming a coalition bringing various people of color under one umbrella to start and develop businesses locally and internationally. Additionally, we also founded NYC Media Training and Diversity, Inclusion & Equality

Mr. Figeroux is the Ask the Lawyer Radio Show and Podcast host, presenting and taking questions telephonically and in-person on various legal, business, and investment issues. Issues such as Small Business Solutions, International Trade and Global Business, Immigration, Civil Rights, Labor Issues, Workers Compensation, New York Politics and Wills, Trust & Estate Planning. Ask the Lawyer is a top-rated radio show and podcast by Workers’ World Today publication, focusing on wealth development in the working middle-class communities. He is the author and editor of numerous articles on asset protection, progressive tax advocacy, and articles focusing on advancing the knowledge of the working middle class, a group facing extinction. 

He has taught thousands of students in New York on the most effective strategies of wealth development, labor rights and safety, tax planning, and other legal issues. He has also served as an adjunct professor of Business Law and the History of Economic Wealth in minority communities. He has spoken extensively on radio, at Chamber events, and before numerous faith-based and community organizations. Mr. Figeroux is the Managing Partner at the Law Firm Figeroux & Associates and an Accountant. He has a MA in Economics, Focus on Finance, and worked in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, Major Frauds and Organized Crime Units. He has also gained successful indictments in the Abner Louima and Bert Dewgard cases involving the NYPD and DEA, respectively.

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