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The Chamber Coalition is dedicated to advancing, promoting, and facilitating the success of minority businesses. According to a research study by The Shapiro Group, Inc. and Market Street Services, when consumers know that a small business is a member of their local chamber of commerce, they are 44 percent more likely to think favorably of it. Also, 63 percent more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future. Give your business and yourself the competitive edge.

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Are you a business owner, budding entrepreneur or professional looking for new opportunities to network and meet other small business owners and expand your business network? Do you want to start, grow, market, get money or certify your business? Are you looking to improve professionally and learn new skills? One great way to do this is to become a member of our Chamber Coalition. Membership has its benefits and privileges.

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Current Events

Investing in your business, organization or non-profit is a continuing journey. Whether you’re already an entrepreneur, a startup or just beginning to consider the idea, our events can support your growth and development. Examples of events include Estate Planning for Individuals and Business Succession, Introduction to Non-Profits, Small Business Sense Boot Camp, Guide Your Business Initiative Webinar, Become a Podcast (Audio/Video) Host and more! Entrepreneurs and startups who take building their business seriously attend our events.

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Small Business Solutions

The American Dream is home and business ownership. Starting and growing a business is hard work. However, finding the proper help just got easier. In partnership with our corporate partner, the Law Firm of Figeroux and Associates, our Small Business Solutions offers a comprehensive solution to all your business challenges. Get the answers to your questions about starting, growing, financing, marketing, certifying your business, and legal and tax concerns.

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Workers' Compensation for Employers & Employees

Workers’ compensation is insurance that benefits both employers and employees. As a business owner, workers’ compensation insurance reduces your risk of a debilitating economic loss in the case of a serious accident involving one of your employees. And your employees who are covered by workers’ comp can receive financial protection if injured while performing their regular work duties. It also includes disability benefits, missed wage replacement, and death benefits.

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Funding Your Business Through EB-5 Investors

Investment capital is one of the biggest challenges facing both budding and established entrepreneurs. Funding through the EB-5 Visa is a great option. The EB-5 Visa allows eligible investors and their family members to obtain permanent residency in the United States through an investment of $900,000 or more. Is EB-5 Funding right for you?

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How Your Business can Leverage it's Power

Leverage your business and unlock the potential power of your communication with Podcast Training & Production, Radio Hosting & Streaming, Blogging Boot Camp and Newsletter Development.

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Is Your Company Culture Truly Diverse and Inclusive?

To create an inclusive culture, it’s time to shift from talking about the insights to acting on them. Diversity without inclusion is inequality. We provide training for your leadership and employees.

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A Program Created by a Former Labor Leader for all Workers: Blue & White Collar.

The Legal Clinics are mainly conducted on workers’ rights and issues that workers face, such as: Social Security Disability, From Worker to Business Owner, Workers’ Compensation, Small Business Solutions, U.S. Citizenship, Foreclosure Defenses and Wills, Trusts & Estate matters.

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Advancing, Promoting & Facilitating the
Success of Minority Businesses!


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  • A Proclamation on Women’s History Month, 2023

    During Women’s History Month, we celebrate the countless women who have fought tirelessly and courageously for equality, justice, and opportunity in our Nation.  We also reaffirm our commitment to advancing rights and opportunities for women and girls in the United States and around the world.  We are mindful that we are building on the legacy

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    March is Women’s Month: Women Who Tell Our Stories By Pearl Phillip | March 7, 2023 From being an unwanted child, homeless, and on the verge of suicide, Precious Williams is now a confident woman showing others how to be their best authentic selves as the CEO of Perfect Pitches by Precious, a company that

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